What gases do you stock?

We range a whole collection of beverage, helium, oxygen, propane, butane, patio, argon, acetylene and more gas. In all different sizes and refill options. Starting at 5 Kg bottles, and ranging all the way up to 50 L bottles. We are lucky enough to have constant deliveries of gases, meaning we are always in stock for you! 

What gas do I need?

What is the difference between Propane and Butane?

Propane and Butane are both Liquefied Petroleum Gases. LPG gas is a colourless, low carbon and highly efficient hydrocarbon fuel, that exists in a liquefied form.

Propane (C3H8) has a low boiling point of -42°C, and therefore isn’t affected by cold conditions in the U.K. Making Propane the ideal choice for outdoor use. With a high octane rating, propane is ideal for outdoors heating, as it’s efficient and produces more energy per cubic metre than other forms of fuel. Additionally, propane is a cleaner burner than other fossil fuels, and doesn’t contaminate groundwater or soil.

Propane, in simple terms, is a great outdoor gas for ovens, patio heaters, BBQ's, operating tools, forklift trucks, caravans.

Butane (C₄H₁₀) has a boiling point at -2°C, meaning it is ideal for fuelling indoor uses. Under natural atmospheric conditions, butane takes the form of a gas. However, in order to be stored, it needs to be liquefied, which can be achieved under moderate pressure. 

Butane is perfect for fuelling indoor portable heaters, refrigeration fuel, cooking appliances and as a propellant in both household and industrial environments. 

What gas should I use for my BBQ?

We suggest using Propane gas for your BBQ. Propane has undoubtedly become the UK's top choice for all BBQ lovers. The main reason being this gas functions efficiently all-year-round. So for you crazy BBQers that can't wait until Summer... Propane will become your best friend. 

What gas should I use for my pub?

What is the difference between Patio Gas and regular Propane Cylinders? 

Quite simply, there is no difference. Both are Propane gas, however, the Patio gas fits a handy clip on regulator, whereas the traditional Propane gas bottles fit a screw on regulator.

How much gas do I need?

If you are unsure on how much gas you are in need of, we suggest giving us a call. We are always happy to help with any questions or sticky situations! Call us on 01727 851 654 or 07966 288 052 and we can help figure out which size gas bottle is best for your needs. 

How long will a 12 Kg bottle of gas last?

How do I connect a gas bottle?

1. The regulator switch should start in the off position.
2. Place the regulator down onto the gas bottle valve and press downwards firmly until you hear the audible ‘click’. This indicates that the regulator is in place.
3. To turn the gas on, turn the gas on/off switch a quarter turn anticlockwise to the 'on' position.
4. Always turn the switch clockwise to the 'off' position after use.

If you do have any issues connecting / disconnecting your gas bottles, feel free to gives us a call on 01727 851 654 and we will be happy to support.

How do I disconnect a gas bottle?

1. Turn the regulator switch clockwise to the ‘off’ position.
2. Press the 'push' button on the lower part and lift the regulator from the valve.
3. If you’re using a butane gas bottle, place the safety cap onto the empty bottle valve.

If you do have any issues connecting / disconnecting your gas bottles, feel free to gives us a call on 01727 851 654 and we will be happy to support.

Which regulator do I need?

How do I find your store?

Our store is very easy to find! We are based just outside the centre of St Albans. Off of the A1057, we are located next door to the St Albans Nottcuts store. We share a physical store with our partners, PJ Outdoors, so just look out for the big 'PJ OUTDOORS' sign- and you will find us there. 

How long does it take to deliver my gas?

We are set on delivering the best service to all customers, and getting your gas to you as soon as possible! We understand completely the urgency of gas bottles, as well as the pain of waiting for them to arrive. That's why we set out to always deliver your gas within 4 days of your order. If there is ever a change to this, we will contact you directly and explain why this may be.